Kérim Omri, Category Manager. Airbus Defence & Space

'Willy joined our team in July 2019 to support the procurement department during a high temporary workload in the role of commodity buyer. Willy has proven to be a positive and goal driven colleague and with his extensive experience and structured approach he took control of the workload. Willy showed to be an added value to our team and a pleasure to work with. Always available and he gladly shared his knowledge with the colleagues at Airbus.'


Maarten Blokzijl, Supply Chain Manager. MOBA

'Incredible energy and dedication, punctual and a joy to work with. Willy did a great job in contracting, process improvement and enhancing the strategic 3rd party systems procurement function. His structural approach combined with excellent people management and communication skills made his efforts a success. As a temporary professional he did his work autonomous, but easily integrated in the team and knew when to inform or involve his stakeholders. A job well done!'


Mark van der Wolf, Director Service & Projects. MOBA

'During his period at Moba, Willy has always expressed great professionalism, enthusiasm and drive. Willy has proved to be a solid and structured asset to our company while being in a transition phase in Supply Chain Management and 3rd party equipment proces establishment' 

Evert Karssen, Vice President Global Procurement. Cimpress

‘I’ve had the pleasure to work with Willy in a restructuring project which was not an easy task, given the timing and very difficult objectives. Willy managed to build the necessary relationships with all the parties involved, and get them to collaborate.’


Roy van Helden, Director Supply Chain. Cimpress

‘Willy is a Procurement specialist and self-starter who is eager to learn, while showing fast adaptable skills to support and lead change.’


Rainer Reiböck, Head of Global Procurement. Haas Food Equipment

'Willy was a valuable member of the Global Procurement Team. he brought innovative initiatives into the group and expertly took the initiatives to implement them. Willy played an important role in the harmonization of managing our supplier relations and leading the team to establish European General Purchasing Terms & Conditions thanks to his extensive Procurement and Legal knowledge'

Patrick Herben, Managing Director. Sanovo Technology Netherlands

'Willy is a very professional, dedicated, honest and focused consultant in the area of Procurement. Under his leadership, the entire Procurement process in several areas has become a lot more professional. This resulting in a substantial cost reduction.'

Oscar Man, Sales Director. HHM

'Willy is a very result driven, professional with a great character, which makes it also a pleasure to work with him. Willy has in-depth knowledge and expertise in all disciplines related to procurement and with his broad experience/ knowledge as a management consultant, he is able to help the organization to reach the next level in professionalism.'


Michel Hamers, Manager Procurement. VOPAK

'It was a true pleasure to work with Willy when I hired him as interim professional. He was responsible for the Facility Management commodity which is not an easy one considering the number of suppliers and internal customers. He doesn't take "no" for an answer and uses his very positive and energetic attitude to convince the customers. His experience and knowledge were of great value.'

Nepchune Amin, Managing Director. ADC Performance Improvement

'In the midst of a complex project with multiple stakeholders and some considerable political sensitivities, Willy was undeterred in executing against the overall objectives and business case agreed with the client. Employing his unique blend of directness and tenacity we managed to surpass expected results.'


Klaas Huijgen, Director Finance & Operations. Kennedy van der Laan

'Willy negotiaged with a supplier on behalf of Kennedy van der Laan to reduce costs. He has demonstrated that he is thorough, punctual and creative. The project has led to a very satisfactory result. The collaboration with Willy was not only business-like but also personally very pleasant.'

Frank de Koning, Project Manager. Heineken

'Willy impressed me as a dedicated colleague with extensive knowledge of the procurement process. A team player who performs his seniority with great excellence and enthusiasm.'